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Online Vs Offline Blackjack

When comparing Online Blackjack with Offline Blackjack, there are advantages and disadvantage to both options. This page will take a look at some of the main pros and cons of playing online blackjack and also at the pros and cons of playing offline blackjack (which is also known as land based blackjack).

If you have never visited a land based casino, you really don’t know what you have been missing, so playing online blackjack will seem neither worse nor better than playing in a real land based casino. However, if you have been experienced offline blackjack then you will certainly appreciate the difference between the two.

For example, you cannot enjoy the sights, sounds and smells that a real land based casino offers when playing in an online casino. Nothing quite beats sitting at a real blackjack table and interacting with the dealer and any other hopefuls that may be sat at the table with you. Playing online blackjack is therefore a much lonelier experience. You can only watch as the virtual cards are dealt to you on a monitor, either in your bedroom, office, living room or in any other room of the house.

However, the benefits to playing online blackjack mean that you can do exactly this. You can play online blackjack in any room of the house if you really want to and don’t have to worry about the types of clothes you are wearing. Normally when you visit a real casino you have to adhere to a strict dress code. You definitely couldn’t play offline blackjack in a land based casino wearing just your favourite underwear. You simply wouldn’t get in.

The other great thing about playing online blackjack as opposed to playing offline blackjack is that online casinos never sleep. Their doors are generally open 24 hours per day, which means that you could play a few hands of blackjack at 5am or at 5pm if you really wanted to. Most land based casinos will open in the early hours of the evening (perhaps after 6pm) and they are likely to close at around the same time in the morning (or much earlier).

With this in mind, you can see that online blackjack has its advantages, but it also has its disadvantages and the same goes for offline blackjack. The best thing to do would be to try and give both options a go. If you happen to live near a land based casino, try and check it out when you next get the opportunity. You should quite easily be able to find a seat at a blackjack table.

Also, if you have already played offline blackjack before, why not give online blackjack a try? There are plenty of online casinos out there today, they are free to sign up to and you will ALWAYS find a blackjack table to play at. The other advantage to online blackjack is that most blackjack games are available in the real cash mode AND in the free play demo mode.

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