London Globalist


Established by students at The London School of Economics, the London Globalist is an international affairs magazine produced by the students of the University of London. Although The London Globalist originated at the LSE, it is not officially affiliated with any single university. The magazine is rather a registered charity and has its own independent board and sources of finance. Publishing its inaugural issue in the summer of 2010, the magazine aims to offer students the possibility to engage with current international affairs as writers, editors, producers and readers. To maximise the impact of the magazine and strengthen the link with the private sector several copies of the magazine are also distributed to sponsors and selected partners like the other Global21 chapters, NGOs and other interested parties. The London Globalist is dedicated to high quality journalism that reflects well-informed and inquisitive opinions and is proactive in obtaining interviews and first-hand information- a young curiosity that can give rise to both cutting-edge political assessment and more quirky untold stories. For more information, please visit The London Globalist website.