Social Impact


Global21 produces insightful, provocative publications that give students a platform to debate our generation’s most pressing international issues. Through writing, editing, and production of our magazines, Global21 strives to create an international network of high-achieving students likely to assume leadership roles in business, media, the non-profit sector, academia, and government.

By targeting this select demographic, we hope to provoke an international dialogue and provide a venue for personal contact that we believe will ultimately lead to greater international cooperation and understanding.

Level One: Journalism Training

By operating within university campuses, Global21 provides an opportunity for students to gain personal journalism experience through writing and editing for a Globalist magazine.  Students showcase their talent in a student-run magazine while developing the skills and training necessary to excel in the journalism industry and elsewhere after graduation.

Level Two: Dialogue on Campus

Through Globalist publications and events on university campuses, Global21 aims to foster dialogue on international relations among students on campus. Increasing dialogue of world issues ensures more vibrant universities around the world with an international perspective and more engaged student bodies.

Level Three: Dialogue Across the World

Journalism on university campuses is the vehicle by which Global21 creates an international network of students. Global21 facilitates the exchange of thoughts, perspectives, and inquiries. The organization’s internal website, Facebook network, email system, article database, Flickr account, Skype, and its blog, The Perspectivist, make it easy and fruitful for students to communicate with one another – no matter where they live or attend school. Ideas developed within university settings are tried, tested, and enriched through the input of colleagues in other countries. These exchanges allow future leaders to engage intellectually with their peers around the world.